Saturday, November 24, 2007

$50 Carbon Poker active members weekend freeroll
The password for this game is restricted - if you are eligible, you will be able to find the password on poker forum here. The game can be found in the lobby under the 'Private' tab in the tournaments area.

Happy Holidays !!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Well Stoke Poker Live 2007 has been and gone, and it was a storming success!

Over 73 players took their seats in the WassOnline.com Stoke live poker event this weekend, for two nights of great poker action!

The first event kicked off at 8PM on Saturday night, and took the form of a Texas Hold’em £20 freeze out with a £10 bounty on every players head. This made for a more aggressive game, and some great action!

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Congratulations to all the finalists – the results were as follows:Friday night (Bounty Event) 1st - Trixie2nd - Bubblesx23rd - Macturbo4th - Dangermouse4205th - Andy19646th - Novice497th - Cockneyken8th - Holtender9th - Pastieman10th – Nipnip

I was busted out fairly early by Leafy when my A K failed to hold up against Ace 10. Thus ended my night of poker, but luckily enough I was in a casino so had lots of other things to waste time on!

The next day started earlier, with the games kicking off at about 6PM. This was the main event of the weekend, a £20 freeze out. Whilst again, I busted out quite early, the game itself was very good, with some exceptional poker being played on the final table!

The top 10 from the Saturday night are as follows:

Saturday night (Main Event)1st - Chumley2nd - Drumgower3rd - Fudgie4th - Pastieman5th - Welshgit6th - oioimalloy7th - Gazthehippy8th - MrsHoltender9th - DrSal10th - Andy1964

Also, a big congratulation to Pastieman for winning the ‘Poker Player of the Weekend’ award with his two final table appearances! He just beat Andy1964 to this prize…even though Andy did have the pleasure of knocking out Jayc1985 one of WassOnline.com most feared poker players!Special mention goes to DannyKeano and Chickster for getting the ‘Spirit of Wass’ award – I don’t think that there was a single person that either of them didn’t speak too…even if it was just to ask if they would hold their pints…just for a minuteThanks to all of the dealers over the two nights to – it’s not easy to look after a table full of Wassers as well as play a game of poker, and all of our dealers did a great job of it – many thanks!I am still working on the front-end of the site, so look out for more updates and stories to come!Personally, I think that this weekend was the best poker event we have ever had on Wass, and I really can’t wait for the next event!

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Other Poker News - Online Poker Events:

It’s always good to get some online poker mixed in with some live poker, and at Virgin Poker they are doing just that!

Virgin is one of the first online poker rooms to embrace live poker, and is kicking off the VPoker festival this November!

Wass Online have two tickets to give away to this fantastic poker event, over two games, one on the 16th of September and a 2nd on the 30th of September – so don’t miss out – read all about the Virgin Poker Live Event at WassOnline –
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hi readers,

Well, the $5,000 final has come and gone on Carbon online poker room, and it was an absolutely fantastic game!

Congratulations to Dodger, Mad4cards, Borodave and Speirsey for getting a big chunk of cash, and to all of the other finalists…

I myself managed to finish in a respectable 7th to a nightmare beat…holding Q7 hearts push all in…Q7 off calls. The flop gives me the 8 and a 94% chance of victory, but, you guessed it, the turn come over with a 7, followed by another 7 on the river, so its an early bath and no prize money for me! Only consolation is that Borodave went on to finish in the money, so put my chips to good use.

Of course, the big thing that’s coming up on the forum is Live Poker Event 'Stoke 2007'…it’s great to get out of the online poker rooms and into a real one! There are only 10 days left now to go until it all kicks off, and the excitement is building! With over 80 registered players plus guests, this is going to be one hell of an event, and not one to be missed!

This week, we are also recommending Pacific Poker as the current best online poker room. With thousands of players online at any one time, you will never be short of a game at Pacific. Thanks to all of their marketing, they have a disproportional amount of new players on the site, meaning easy money for the more experienced players like we have on Wass Online. In addition, they also have one of the best reputations in the business, which makes them hard to ignore!

Read the Pacific Poker review and receive special bonuses and a $1,000 free roll entry when you join WassOnline.com.

Good luck in all your poker games until next week…

Look out for a Stoke Poker Live update coming this way soon!


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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

As you know the Carbon series of Poker is drawing to an end – and we still have 6 seats in the $5000 final to give away!

For those of you who have missed it (you must have been on the moon!) Wass Online is holding a $5000 tournament on Carbon poker (one of the internets best online poker rooms). This game has ONLY 20 SEATS AVAILABLE IN TOTAL! That means that you have a great chance of walking away with a huge cash prize - $2,500 for the winner!

The ONLY way to get a seat is to join Wass Online, and play in the satellites – but be warned – there is some serious competition for these seats so these games are not for the faint-of-heart – never has an online poker room seen such a battle!

The last three games will be taking place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week – with the GRAND FINAL taking place on Saturday the 25th!

If you want to play these games, then get registered on Wass Online now – time is running out!

On a personal note, I won my seat to the qualifier game on Carbon online poker room last night, so I will be playing tonight to claim my seat! When I last looked there were only four people registered for the game so the chances of getting a guaranteed seat to the $5000 final are looking good! Hopefully it won’t be the bubble again for me as it so often is when I play on these online poker rooms!

I will update you as soon as I have my ticket…or not…whichever be the case!

Wish me luck


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

WassOnline.com - the internets favourite gaming community - has just re-launched their Online Poker Rooms Guide, providing players with unbiased and critical reviews of the top online poker rooms.

In addition Wass have also decided to start running weekly Poker Blogs updating their visitors on the latest offers and promotions from the best online poker rooms.
Wass will also aim to provide you with many other helpful poker resources, including information on the latest tournaments, poker freerolls and poker game guides and strategies.

With so many online poker rooms now available for you to play at with many more being launched as each day goes by, the decision of which online poker room to play at can be very confusing - especially for players new to online poker. Through this Poker Blog and WassOnline.com we aim to provide you and other poker players with all of the information you need when choosing the best online poker room for you, including detailed reviews, ratings and special bonus codes.

You will also find our Poker Guide section very useful with poker tools, poker strategies, poker calculators and games rules for Texas Hold'em, Omaha High, Omaha Hi/Lo and Seven Stud Poker.

We will also be adding our member’s thoughts and feedback as well as stories and other intersting news – so please check back often.

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